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Sunday, 23 November 2014


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Sivam is a privately owned Italian company.
It is a young and dynamic Market Oriented petroleum and industrial service company, active in the trade of products, which is present in the market place since 1995.
However all key personnel has accumulated an average of 25 years experience in various sectors of the oilfield.

Sivam started as an agency and still represents many of the major oil-field downhole & surface equipment manufacturers and since 1999 has started introducing its own product line:
Control line and cable protectors and also other products designed and built to meet our customer’s specific requirements in various fields such as: Drilling, Workover, Production, Geothermal, Environmental and Safety.

Sivam has operated mainly in the oil and geothermal field since its birth and in 2002, with the anti pollution and environmental divisions, has entered into the industrial sector.

The capacity to adapt to new market situations and the availability to offer niche products and services has made Sivam successful while working with other contractors as part of an integrated service group or by itself as solution provider for specific problem situations.

Sivam has its principle office in Spoltore Italy from which the Sivam Management Team directs all its operations worldwide.


The company is organized in different divisions:

Manufactured Products

  • Kwik Protectors
  • XL & Powerlift hydraulic cylinder pumping units
  • Spooling units and half moon sheaves
  • Heaters
  • Chemical injection pumps
  • Custom designed solutions
  • Incinerators

Drilling and Completion Solutions - Products and Services

  • Well design and calculations
  • Product sales
  • Product installations
  • Equipment testing and maintenance
  • High pressure testing with certification

Secondary Recovery Division - Products and Services

  • Secondary Recovery Equipment
  • Design of completion and workover systems for secondary recovery wells
  • Product sales
  • Equipment installation
  • Equipment maintenance

Rental Equipment

  • XL and Powerlift hydraulic pump for sucker rod completions
  • Spooling units and half moon sheaves
  • Acustic well sounder & dynamometer
  • Heaters
  • Gas burners
  • Incinerator for OBM cuttings
  • Fluid handling equipment and compactors
  • Hydraulic pumps for sucker rod completions
  • Generators, camp cabin and accessories
  • Coiled tubing equipment
  • Setting tools
  • Retreivable bridge plugs
  • Stimulation packers
  • Pumps for fluid transfer or displacement
  • Off-Shore baskets

Industrial Division

  • Air monitoring equipment
  • Toxic gas monitors and control systems
  • Oil absorbent equipment and antipollution kits
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic equipment and systems
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Valve and wellhead greasing systems
  • Maintenance of well sites
  • Sivam's sister company S.I.S. - Sistemi Integrati di Sicurezza